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Steering/Suspension Repair & Wheel Alignments

Steering Repair in  Pittsburgh, PA

Do you hear a clunking sound coming from the front or rear of your vehicle? Do you feel shakes or vibrations through the steering wheel or the driver’s seat? Clunks, thumps, shakes, and vibrations are all potential signs of bad suspension parts.

A loss in stability or handling are signs you might need a steering or suspension system repair. At Lockhart Tire, we offer steering and suspension repairs to motorists in Pittsburgh, PA, Monroeville, PA, Allison Park, PA, and the surrounding areas. Just call our shop at (412) 322-4044 for an appointment.

What’s the function of my suspension system?

Your vehicle’s suspension system provides structural support and maintains safe driving conditions. The suspension helps your tires maintain solid contact on the road. The suspension also compensates for bumps, potholes, and undulations in the road.

What parts make up my suspension?

Suspension system parts include coil springs, leaf springs, torsion bars, shocks, struts, bearings, and bushings. Suspension parts absorb unexpected motion from the road. Without a fully functioning suspension system, your car will be harder to control. Problems with the suspension system can cause premature tire wear, negatively affect wheel alignment, and increase gas mileage. So it’s important to address suspension system issues when they occur.

What are the warning signs of a bad suspension?

Knowing how to identify steering and suspension problems will help you determine when to seek an inspection. Over time, parts of the suspension system, like shocks, struts, tie rods, ball joints, coil springs, and sway bar links, will weaken and malfunction. Malfunctioning suspension parts decrease your ability to steer and control your vehicle.

Suspension Repair in Pittsburgh, PA

Your vehicle will let you know if you need a suspension repair. Pay close attention. Do you experience any of the following when you drive?:

  • Unusual shakes and vibrations
  • Leaking shocks or struts
  • Excessive bouncing and swaying
  • Nose-dives when braking
  • Bottoming out during bumps

If any of those are happening, call our shop right away to schedule a steering and suspension service.

Maybe it’s not a steering and suspension service your vehicle needs, after all. You might need a wheel alignment instead. We do those, too

Wheel Alignment in Allison Park, PA

Four-Wheel Alignment Benefits in Monroeville, PA

An alignment offers you numerous benefits, including:

  • Longer Lasting Tires
  • Minimizing Wear and Tear
  • Better Vehicle Handling and Performance
  • Safer Vehicle Operation

A wheel alignment is not just important when you purchase and install new tires on your vehicle. Every day driving conditions cause wear and tear, which can affect how your vehicle drives. Minor road hazards are seemingly everywhere. Everything from uneven pavement, to potholes, to changing weather conditions can cause your car’s alignment to go out. If your vehicle does go out of alignment, this can spell possible disaster for you or any driver. You could lose control of your vehicle, which is potentially very dangerous for you and others on the road.

Whether you need steering and suspension service, or a wheel alignment, our shop can help. Call us now to schedule an appointment—(412) 322-4044.

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